Delta Community Support Trust

Delta’s Values

Delta Pictorial CreedMission & Values

Our Mission and Values are embodied in the Delta Pictorial Creed (right).

In response to Christ's love, we seek to empower people in Richmond and wider Christchurch to participate fully in community life by assisting them to establish positive relationships and personal growth.

Constitutional Objectives

The constitutional purposes of the Trust are:

  • To provide leadership, direction, and resources to minister to the North Avon Baptist Church’s local community by seeking to meet the social, emotional, physical, spiritual and educational needs of people in the area.
  • To establish such service centers, programmes, and facilities as will enable the Trustees to provide appropriate community social services.
  • To alleviate the difficulties of those experiencing hardships of whatever kind, including financial hardship and to bring relief through whatever means are available.
  • To initiate, establish, and administer community and social services for people of all ages who for any reason are in need of care, counseling or assistance.
  • To carry out such other charitable purposes within New Zealand as the Trustees shall determine.

Some of our Values

People come first

  • We acknowledge the uniqueness of each person and situation. We welcome and respect people of all ethnicities, cultures, and beliefs.
  • We aim to see all people as having equal worth.
  • We see personal growth as a life-long process.
  • We aim to accept and provide relief to people in crisis situations and to offer opportunities for each person to reach their fullest potential.
  • We see people as physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual beings. We are committed to working in a holistic way.


  • We see community life as the basis for personal significance and growth.
  • We see community life as a background for celebrating individual differences.
  • We see the community as a way of fostering respect between individuals.
  • Community life embraces personal responsibility, co-operation, and a willingness to give.
  • We acknowledge the mystery of growth and the role of grace. At the end of the day, no matter how effective our services are and the amount of effort we apply to what we are called to do, for various reasons many people will not make a noticeable change. This is okay, we are there for them.
  • We want to accept and affirm all people, working with each individual as they pursue their personal development and life choices.

The Future

As an organisation, we ourselves remain open to growth and development in and changes to what we do. Therefore, we are committed to evaluation, training, strategic planning and vision days.