Delta Community Support Trust

Community Gardening

Welcome to the Delta Community Garden 

Open every Friday 10.30am – 5.00pm.  Come and visit anytime!

Phone Delta on 3890212 or Mary on 022 699 41 43 

We grow a wide variety of organic fruits and vegetables: In summer our gardens are bursting with a salad feast which includes tomatoes, lettuce, beans, peas, spring onions, basil, strawberries, and raspberries. In winter some of our harvests include leeks, herbs, parsnips, pak choi, broccoli, silverbeet, and spinach.

When you volunteer in the garden:

  • You enjoy the company of others
  • You learn to grow organic vegetables

Grow Your Own Free Lunch Courses

This is a FREE course to learn beginner gardening and cooking skills. 

We also create our own delicious shared lunch. Each session begins with growing skills in the lovely Richmond Avebury Community Garden. We learn seed sowing, composting, and transplanting. We also learn the wonder of weeds. Then we harvest from the garden and create our own shared lunch.

These spring courses will focus on Seed sowing.

  • Sow seeds for food.
  • Sow seeds for friendship.
  •  Sow seeds for climate action

We welcome volunteers who wish to help in the garden or just sit and enjoy company and peacefulness.

The produce is used at the Delta community meal, in the Food Store and given to volunteers. The salads at the community meal, which are made from freshly picked vegetables, bring bouquets of compliments to both the cooks and the gardeners.

The garden is a center for people to enjoy sharing seeds, cuttings, and knowledge. The garden now has ever increasing seed stocks which include heritage climbing beans.


Garden Award

In 2009 together with North Avon Baptist Church, we turned a concrete monster of an alleyway and two courtyards into an abundant glory of edible greenery and lush soil!

Our garden won an award at the Shirley Papanui Edible Garden Awards for its variety and quality of vegetables.


Branching Out

A new garden is being developed at Churchill Park on Guild Street. The garden aims to be a neighborhood veggie haven for the people of Richmond.