Delta Community Support Trust

Community Meal & Café

Make a new friend over a cuppa in our cafeFootprints Café

Open: 10am-2pm Mondays and Wednesdays (except on public holidays)

Come to enjoy the warm, friendly atmosphere of our Footprints Café.

Customers can relax and have some time out, meet with and make new friends, and get delicious affordable toasties, baking, and fruit.

Footprints Café is a great meeting space for groups, just ask one of the Crafts or English Language Group members.

From time-to-time discussions and public speakers are organized to cultivate interest in and responses to issues and matters affecting people locally.

Some books, magazines, and games are available.

Many thanks to our dedicated volunteers who make the café happen.

Delta Inn community meal

When: Fridays 10am-1pm (except on public holidays) with lunch served at 12 pm midday.

This is our much-loved weekly community meal that regularly attracts a gathering of around 80 people.

Come to join us for a generous hot meal and dessert. All we ask is a suggested $3 gold coin donation.

The Inn is more than just a means to an affordable, wholesome meal; it is a vibrant community event full of laughter, friendship, and sharing. Occasionally, before the meal is served, we have guest speakers who help to inform our community on various suggested topics.

We remain extremely grateful to our volunteer cooks as well as to Simply Vege who regularly donates quality food to us for this meal.