Delta Community Support Trust

Encouraging Compassionate Resilient Community

We are a Christian community-based organization located in Richmond, Christchurch. Our mission is expressed in our pictorial creed.

In response to Christ’s love, we seek to empower people to participate fully in community life by assisting them to establish positive relationships and personal growth. Our goal is to encourage involvement in and contribution to community life where people are able to participate in positive relationships, journeying and growing together in all social, mental, physical and spiritual facets of life.

We engage in community development through a varied range of services, initiatives, and activities. In particular, these seek to uplift people who are facing personal hardship, experiencing disability, isolation or other disadvantages.

We have three services departments helping and involving thousands of people every year:

Our motivation for what we do comes from the love of Jesus Christ, his message of hope and invitation to a new and renewed life. We seek to express what this means through who we are as an organization.

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Delta Survey Results

As part of Delta’s 21st celebrations last year we held a survey which asked people what they liked about Delta and for ideas on how we could improve. 

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