Caring for vulnerable people in our Community

Supporting current circumstance and empowering growth

Delta Community Support Trust is a grassroots community development and social support organisation based in Richmond, Christchurch. We care for vulnerable people in our community including the elderly, intellectually disabled adults, and those facing personal or financial hardship.

Number of client engagements
to meet people's physical, social, educational, mental, and spiritual needs
over the 12 months ending 31st August 2022


Through our Community Development Services


Through our Friendship Link Programme for Intellectually Disabled Adults


Through our Evergreen Club Programme for Isolated Adults
65 Years and Older

Join us in our Mission

We are very grateful to all our many and varied supporters who make the vision and mission of Delta Community Support Trust a reality.  From the largest Funder to the smallest donation, every dollar counts, every gift of food, every voluntary act of service, every prayer counts.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!  We are humbled by your generosity and your desire to be part of the difference Delta is making in the lives of those in our community who desperately need our help.

With your support we can continue to meet the needs of the elderly, those with intellectual disabilities, and people who are disadvantaged and struggling to get by on low incomes.

If you would like the opportunity to contribute to the work we do at Delta, whether by volunteering your time, donating towards our cause, or becoming a major funding partner, we would be sincerely grateful and love to hear from you. 


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