Serving our Community for over 25 Years

Where it all began

Delta, originally a mission of North Avon Baptist Church, registered as a charitable trust in 1995.  We began operating from the Church's lounge with the vision to support and empower people living in disadvantaged circumstances.  Since those early days Delta has grown substantially in response to local and city-wide community needs and aspirations.
Between 2003 and 2019 the Trust operated from the former Shirley Rugby Club at 105 North Avon road, adjacent to the church building.  In late 2019 with earthquake insurance settlement funds and extra fundraising, the Church and Delta Trust were together able to complete and move into a new building on the former church building site. 

A second connected Stage 2 building by Crossway Community Church was completed in early 2021.  Together the two buildings are now known as the North Avon Community Centre at 101 North Avon Road and operate as one facility.  This modern, comfortable, and more energy efficient facility is a great asset for our local community and provides Delta Trust with great spaces from which to continue our community activities and services.

Through dedicated staff and volunteers, thousands of people have been supported by and/or involved in Delta over the years, making a significant difference to their experience of community life.

"We began operating... to support and empower people in disadvantaged circumstances"

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Our Board Members

Tim Weir

Board Chair

Jeph Mathias

Jenny Boshier

Bradley Nicolson

Pat White

 Graeme   Pollock

Sam Chalmers

Our Admin Team

Mike Stanley

General Manager

Angie Wells

Facilities and
Room Hire
Volunteer Coordinator

Ekaterina (Kate) Salikhova

Financial Coordinator

Kate Palmer

Funding and Projects


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