Caring for our Older Generation

Our Community Activity Programme for older persons, the Evergreen Club is a daily activity programme for those over 65's who still live at home and are seeking additional support in improving and maintaining their current everyday life, health, and wellbeing. We accommodate 20 members each day - Monday to Friday, 10am - 2.30pm, and are fully operational 48 weeks of the year.  

The Evergreen Club embraces the aging process and sees it as an opportunity to make friends, learn a new activity, keep bodies nourished and supple, and keep minds active.  Our caring team of well-trained and experienced staff keep the programme interesting and fun for members whilst fully monitoring their individual health, cognitive, and dietary needs.

Our vision is to see our members valued by society and encouraged and supported to live a healthy, and independent life in the community for as long as possible.

To assist members to lead a more fulfilling life while maintaining a quality lifestyle at home 

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Members love coming along to our programme, and their partners and family/whanau have expressed what a huge support it is to them also. We have often seen new members developing a renewed enthusiasm for life with the Club being a highlight of their week.

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from being involved in the programme please contact our Evergreen Club Manager, Sheryn Linton, to organise the needs assessment process required for joining.

This programme is primarily supported by the Canterbury District Health Board and is a free service upon recommendation from your GP.

Sheryn Linton

Michelle Goodman

Evergreen Club
Assistant Manager


“I am writing this letter as I thoroughly recommend the Evergreen Club in Christchurch as a wonderful place to go for the elderly.   As I was working as a Practice Nurse I saw a pamphlet advertising this club so I suggested trying it to my father.  He was accepted within a couple of weeks and after going there a couple of times once a week he quickly asked me if I could arrange for him to go more often.  The staff at the Evergreen Club are outstanding.  They provide a very warm and welcoming environment where people who are socially isolated or not able to get out as much themselves anymore can go and feel comfortable and cared for. 

They always include activities/games and provide a lovely hot meal.  They are always respectful, caring and seem genuinely interested in the lives of the people going there.  During the time my father attended there he lost his licence and was able to be picked up by the van to continue going there.  My father has recently moved into a rest home and one of his biggest disappointments was that he would no longer be attending Evergreen.  This was one of his favourite places to go and he still talks about it to all our family and friends.  I feel this is a very worthwhile group that makes a real difference to our elderly living in the community and the work they do is very underestimated.  Thank you so much to Sheryn and all the lovely staff for making a difference in my Dad’s life.”

“I am writing on behalf of my Mum and Dad.  Mum started coming to the Evergreen Club early 2018 for one day a week.  The time was really good for her as she got to get out of the house, meet up with people for a natter and go on outings.  She always came home well fed and tired from a busy day.  She enjoyed her days there so much she kept asking to go additional days.  She eventually went up to two days a week and always looked forward to going, getting ready days ahead of time. 

What was also really good about Mum attending Evergreen was that Dad got to have some time to himself.  He was happy to leave Mum in Evergreen’s care, and the staff were always welcoming when Dad brought and picked up Mum.  This allowed Dad time to rest and recuperate as he had health issues of his own. He was also able to go and socialise himself, not having to worry about Mum being at home alone or finding someone to sit with her while he was out. This time made grocery shopping much easier. Mum is now in care and still talks about her time at ‘group’. 

I highly recommend the Evergreen Group to anyone who has a loved one who needs some care and understanding especially when there is another person’s health to consider, nothing was ever a problem and Mum always came home happy.  It was really reassuring knowing that Mum was having a bit of fun and that the staff truly got to know all the people under their care, especially Mum’s quirky sense of humour. 

Thank you to everyone at Evergreen for taking such good care of both Mum and Dad.”

“Hi Sheryn and all the team at Evergreen,

We would like to thank all at Evergreen for the great work you do with the elderly in our community, especially in relation to Yvonne H. Times have been challenging for Yvonne, struggling with Dementia, living alone at home and continuing to fight for her independence.  Yvonne always talks about the great times she has at Evergreen and we know she looks forward to being picked up to attend her group. She is always talking about the great people who look after her at Evergreen.

Yvonne’s health deteriorated during the COVID19 lockdown and we are grateful that we were able to reach out to an easily available Evergreen representative and ask for help for Yvonne. A big thank you to Sheryn who acted immediately on our call and set the wheels in motion to get Yvonne the assistance she needed. During the challenging time that COVID19 has brought us all Yvonne has now been placed in respite care and we are so grateful for this.

Thanking you”


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